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Department of Export TradeADD:Building 3 three-annex building,Yiyun,Plaza,79 Yongfu Road, Guangzhou
TEL:+86-20-87702808 / 87703727

Wholesale centerADD:1005 files, Fuyi,Car Accessories , No. 49 Yongfu Road, Guangzhou City
TEL:+86-020- 87791139


FactoryADD:Third Street on the 1st Tu Hua hua Zhou Industrial Park Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou



   Guangzhou City, the music industry, Yongfeng Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a large-scale manufacturing enterprises specializing in the production and sale of automotive steering wheel cover, seat belts, speakers, car decorations.
   Established 16 years, with more than 20,000 square meters production base, the production team of more than 200 people, has passed the ISO quality management system certification. Flag
Under the brand of music industry Yongfeng "Willie Newcastle have all won the honor of Top Ten Car Accessories brand. Enjoy the excellent reputation of the supplier in the industry. Product
Sold at home and abroad to establish long-term strategic partnership with a fixed distributor in Egypt, Mexico, Russia, the Middle East and other countries. More in the domestic
Mature sales channels all over the country to cities and towns.
   The Leye Yongfeng Established ten years has been holding the principle of quality, with excellent production quality and good after-sales service to win the majority of new
Old customers of praise and recognition.